The School Holds a Grand Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Students of 2023

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   On the morning of June 15, we held the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for the graduates of 2023, with all members of the school's leadership team attending the ceremony. Heads of all departments and relevant functional departments, teachers' representatives and valedictorian attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Lu Yuanzhu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

   President Wang Yongqin expressed his sincere congratulations to all graduates who had successfully completed their studies on behalf of the school, congratulating them on successfully completing their studies and reaching a new level in life. Vice President Wang Guangyuan and Vice President Zhu Kaifeng delivered important speeches.


The tutor group will issue graduation certificates and degree certificates to the valedictorian of 2023, and give them the title. Party Secretary Wang Shouzhong and President Wang Yongqin awarded honorary certificates to outstanding valedictorian.


   Lu Weimeng, the valedictorian, and Professor Ren Tongtong, the representative of the teachers, respectively made speeches thanking their alma mater and sending their best wishes to the graduates. The school has carefully produced a blessing video to express the teachers' earnest hopes. The counselor and the valedictorian also expressed their wishes to the graduates and their reluctance to school, teachers and classmates through songs.


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