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Department of Art

There are 92 faculty members in the Department of Art, including 3 professors and 15 associate professors.

There are 1298 full-time students, including 1226 full-time undergraduate students.

Major: It has 6 undergraduate majors, including fine arts, animation, visual communication design, environmental design, painting and product design.

Fine Arts (undergraduate, 4 years)

Main courses : History of Chinese Art, History of Foreign Art, Introduction to Art, Perspective, Anatomy, Color, Sketch, Foundation of Traditional Chinese Painting, White drawing, Fine Brushwork of Flowers and Birds, etc.

Animation (undergraduate, 4 years)

Main Courses: Sketch, Color Sketch, Film and Television Editing, Film and Television Later Stage, Photoshop, 3DMAX, Motion Law, Original Painting Design, Scene Design, Role Design, etc.

Visual Communication Design (undergraduate, 4 years)

Main Courses : Art Introduction, Design Introduction, Chinese Art History, Graphic Creativity, Layout Design, Interface Design, Color Design, Book Design, Packaging Design, VI design, etc.

Environmental design (undergraduate, 4 years)

Main Courses : Introduction to Art, Chinese and Foreign Art History, Introduction to Design, Design Sketch, Design Color, Decorative Landscape Sketch, Living Room Design, Engineering Drawing, Office Space, Catering Space, Commercial Store Design, etc.

Painting (undergraduate, 4 years)

Main Courses : Perspective, Anatomy, Sketch Course, Oil Painting Foundation, Chinese Painting Foundation, Sketch Sketch, Calligraphy, Art investigation, Landscape Copy, Ink Composition , etc.

Product Design (undergraduate, 4 years)

Main Courses: Design Sketch, Design Color, Design Comprehensive Expression, Design Perspective, Design Psychology, Industrial Design Methodology, Industrial Design History, Design Management, Design Thinking and Expression, Human-Computer Interaction Design, etc.

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