Students From the College of Mathematics and Computer Science Achieve Excellent Results in the 14th Lanqiao Cup Competition

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   The list of winners in the National Finals of the 14th Lanqiao Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Competition has been announced. The ACM competition team, organized by the College of Mathematics and Computer Science and led by teachers such as Ma Qian and Chen Xiaojun, achieved excellent results. In the end, the students Zhao Zeming, Liu Haoze and Guo Bingbing won the National Second Prize, and the student Guo Yuhao won the National Third Prize, and Cui Enyu won the Excellence Award.

    Lanqiao Cup Competition has been shortlisted for three consecutive years in the "National Ranking List of College Student Competitions" and is a national A-level competition in the field of IT. The contestants participating in this final are elites who stand out from 75,000 students across the country, all of whom have won first prizes in various provincial competitions.

   College of Mathematics and Computer Science has always attached great importance to the cultivation of students' practical abilities, guided by the development of applied disciplines, and providing program design and algorithm training activities at multiple levels for students' abilities. The team has participated in ACM-ICPC regional competitions, CCPC Chinese College Student Programming Competition and other competitions for multiple times, and achieved excellent results, laying the foundation for disciplinary development and professional construction.


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