HSU-UCM Summer Exchange Program Launches at HSU

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  Summer embraces friendship in Hengshui University. The Summer Exchange Program opened in Hengshui University on May 27, a platform for youths of Hengshui University and University of Central Missouri to carry out international cultural exchanges.

  The event featured a series of colorful activities by Chinese and American students, including journeys into Hengshui’s cultural and ecological beauty and cultural exchanges to help mutual understanding.

  More than 100 people attended the event, including teachers and students from University of Central Missouri, teachers and students of Hengshui University, administrative staff members responsible for the program of Hengshui University.


  Song Qingxi, Vice President of Hengshui University addressed the event.

  In his speech, Song extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students from the United States. He said that the two sides have carried out in-depth cooperation in education, culture and other fields since the signing of the friendship and cooperation agreement. This cultural exchange activity provides a platform for teachers and students of the two universities to learn from each other and serves as a bridge to enhance the friendship between Chinese and American youth. He hoped that American teachers and students could deeply experience the cultural atmosphere and campus environment of Hengshui University, the hospitality and deep friendship of the Chinese people and the unique charm and profound connotation of Chinese culture.

  The teacher representative of the program from University of Central Missouri, Chiesi Matthew Dwayne said he thanked Hengshui University for its warm reception and careful arrangements. The American teachers and students appreciate the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Hengshui University with a vibrant and academic atmosphere. He hoped that the American teenagers would cherish this rare opportunity to study hard, make friends widely and harvest experiences and memories.


  After the launch ceremony, the American teachers and students visited the university achievement exhibition, the food industry training room, the fermentation laboratory, the botanical herbarium and the animal herbarium of Hengshui University. The American teachers and students were attracted by the discipline characteristics and academic achievements of the University. They said that this cultural exchange activity enhanced their knowledge and understanding of Chinese education and culture and everything is full of expectation for their cultural exchange stay at Hengshui University.


  The launch ceremony was held at the Lecture Hall of the Library of Hengshui University. The ceremony was presided over by Ma Yunyan, deputy director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange, and translated by Zhang Xiaoying of the School of Foreign Languages.

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