HSU Celebrates the Centennial Anniversary and the Opening Ceremony of the Binhu Campus

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On the 8th of November, the centennial anniversary of Hengshui University and the opening ceremony of the Binhu Campus were grandly held on the bank of Hengshui Lake.

At the ceremony, guests and friends from relevant departments of municipal government, local universities and vocational schools, deep cooperation enterprises, construction units of the Binhu Campus, the media at all levels; retired cadres of the school, and thousands of representatives of teachers and students gathered together to participate in the grand event.

The Municipal Party Committee and Government had sent a congratulatory letter expressing warm congratulations on the centennial anniversary of HSU and the opening of the Binhu Campus. The congratulatory letter stated that the opening of the Binhu Campus is a major event in the history of higher education development in Hengshui. It will have an important and profound impact on the improvement of educational conditions, enhancement of educational image, expansion of reputation and influence of Hengshui University, and the long-term development of Binhu New Area. They hoped that HSU can take root in Hengshui, integrate into Hengshui, meet the needs of Hengshui, play the role of a new type of think tank, strengthen research on Hengshuis industry, humanities, ecology, and other aspects, continuously promote high-quality scientific research, political support, and educational achievements that Hengshui urgently needs.

Wang Shouzhong, secretary of the Party Committee, delivered a speech, reviewing the hard work and striving process of Hengshui University over the past century, and summarizing the schools fruitful achievements in talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchange and cooperation in recent years. He stated that HSU has always implemented the Partys education policy, rooted in the land of Hengshui, utilized its own advantages, strengthened collaborative innovation, deepened the integration of industry and education, and closely interacted with the school. It has become a leading force in promoting the integration of industry and education and innovative development in Hengshui City. HSU will continue to serve the local government and promote development, as an important responsibility and mission, and contribute wisdom to the high-quality development of the city.

He introduced the construction process of the Binhu Campus. He said that the first batch of use of the Binhu Campus of Hengshui University effectively improved the schools educational conditions and environment, and also laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of connotation and the construction of a distinctive applied technology university.

Dr. Roger Best, the president of Central Missouri University in the United States and a cooperative university in Sino-foreign cooperative education projects, sent a congratulatory letter congratulating the two schools on further deepening multi-field, and all-round cooperation, with the joint establishment of mathematics and applied mathematics majors as the link, to achieve win-win development.

Dr. Philip Richmond, Vice President of the University of Central Missouri in the United States, sent a video congratulatory message.

Wang Yongqin, President of the University, said that  HSU will further unite its efforts to build a distinctive applied technology university as soon as possible, provide strong intellectual support for the Hengshui chapter of Chinese path to modernization with high-quality development, and contribute to building a strong province of education at the starting point of a new century of HSU.


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