Three Students of HSU Study at UCM

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  Three students, Dai Yifan, Cao Mingyuan and Zhang Zixiong, from the international innovation class co-organized by HSU and UCM, were accepted by the University of Central Missouri, U.S.

  After signing the “3+1+1” project cooperation agreement with the UCM, collaborated with the Teaching Affairs Department and Student Affairs Department, the Center of International Cooperation and Exchange conducted a preliminary examination, interview and admission of the students who applied for the project, and organized teachers to provide language training for students. Dai yifan, Cao mingyuan and Zhang zixiong, met the admission requirements and obtained the offer of UCM and the visa to study in the United States.

  At present, a total of 5 students have studied at UCM, demonstrating the initial results of our international talent cultivation. We will continue to provide more resources and further education opportunities for students who are interested in studying abroad, comprehensively and multi-level promote the internationalization of our university, promote close exchanges between the two universities, and continuously deepen cooperation. The two universities will continue to carry out extensive cooperation and exchanges in various aspects such as student exchanges, mutual visits of teachers, cooperative scientific research, and cooperation in running schools.

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