Our School Participated in the Ulearning Exchange Activity of the Zambia Primary and Secondary Education Delegation of China-Africa Leadership Development Institute, Tsinghua University

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   On June 7, Yan Lihan from the Academic Affairs Office was invited to participate in the Ulearning exchange activity of the Zambia primary and secondary education delegation of China-Africa Leadership Development Institute, Tsinghua University. This exchange activity aimed to strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation and explore the future development of smart education. The exchange event was hosted by Jin Shanguo, Chairman of Ulearning. Jin Shanguo extended a warm welcome to the visiting Zambian education delegation and introduced an overview of international cooperation with Ulearning. Dr.Beatrice Machaka Botha, Director of the Distance Education Department of the Ministry of Education of Zambia, stated that the purpose of this visit was to learn and exchange with China to promote further cooperation between the two sides in the field of education. Christina, General Manager of International Business of Ulearning, and Wen Chuan, an expert in education solutions of Huawei, jointly presented Huawei-Learning smart education solutions in the keynote speech link.

   Teacher Yan Lihan from the Academic Affairs Office introduced the overall situation of our school, focusing on Hengshui University's contribution to regional primary and secondary education and its explicit achievements, and conducted friendly exchanges with the delegation on the effectiveness of our international exchanges and cooperation construction, further deepening the understanding of both sides. The speech made Dr.Beatrice Machaka Botha and the Zambian education delegation feel the passion of our school for the education industry, expressing that both sides should continue to strengthen communication and exchange, and jointly promote the development of education.






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