The Delegation of Wonkwang University in South Korea Visit HSU

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    On June 9, Jiang Yanxi, Director of the International Department of Wonkwang University in South Korea, and Shen Zhener, a staff member of the International Department, visited our university. The Vice President Song Qingxi of our school attended the symposium, and Ma Yunyan, the deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center, and staff members, participated in the symposium.

   Song Qingxi extended a warm welcome and introduced the overview of our school and the situation of international cooperation and exchange. He pointed out that the two schools are sincerely united and working together, and have conducted in-depth cooperation in education, academia and cultural exchanges. It is hoped that both sides can further consolidate the foundation of cooperation, enhance cooperation consensus, and promote cooperation of both sides towards higher quality, deeper level and higher level through this exchange.

   Jiang Yanxi introduced the situation of Wonkwang University in South Korea. He said that he hoped to promote international cooperation and exchanges between the two universities through this visit. It is hoped that both sides can further expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, enlarge academic exchanges, and strengthen cooperation in the medical field.

   Two outstanding doctoral representatives from Wonkwang University in South Korea, Director Wu Junwei and Director Hu Jing, attended the graduates' symposium.

   The delegation of Wonkwang University in South Korea would once again promote exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in teaching, scientific research, teachers and students. The two universities would take this opportunity to jointly promote in-depth and high-quality cooperation between the two sides.



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