2022 Opening Ceremony of HSU-UCM Cooperative Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is successfully held

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On the morning of September 27, Beijing time,the 2022 Opening Ceremony of HSU-UCM Cooperative Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics was held in Hengshui University.




HSU participants: President, Dr.Wang Yongqin; Vice President,Song Qingxi; Vice President,Wang Guangyuan; Vice Director of the Management Committee of Cooperative Projects,He Wenli; Provost,An Zhihong; Department Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science,Li Hu,Liu Jiejing; Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Center,Ma Yunyan; faculty and 87 freshmen of 2022.UCM participants:President, Dr. Roger Best; Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Phillip Bridgmon; Vice Provost,Dr.Laurel Hogue; Dean of the College of Health, Science and Technology, Dr. Jeff Robertson; Department Chair of Mathematics, Dr. Phoebe McLaughlin; Department Chair of Computer Science and Cybersecurity, Dr. Belinda Copus; Professor Dr. Xiaodong Yue; Professor Dr. Lianwen Wang; Assistant Professor Dr. Blaise Heider; Director of International Student Services, Dr. Phil Hull; Director of English Language Institute, Ms. Valerie Heming; UCM exchange students, Xingyue Yin and Yumeng Zhen.Song Qingxi presided over the ceremony. Ma Yunyan acted as interpreter and Yue Xiaodong was responsible for the translation work of UCM.

Dr.Wang Yongqin delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. On behalf of the university, she extended warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to 87 freshmen, and extended sincere greetings to the leaders and teachers of UCM who are far away from the ocean, support the development of HSU and care about the growth of students.


Dr. Roger Best delivered a video speech. He said that he was very honored to carry out the cooperative project with HSU,and hoped that the project could further promote cooperation and exchanges between the two universities. He welcomed students to the UCM for further study.


Professor Liu Jiejing introduced the development process, current situation and school running characteristics and encouraged students to work hard to cultivate their will, learn to learn independent learning and cooperative learning, and become effective managers of time.


Dr. Jeff Robertson introduced the school environment, school running conditions, educational philosophy, campus culture, college life and students' learning styles of UCM.



At the ceremony, promotional videos of the two universities were broadcast, and carried out teacher-student interaction,two exchange students studying at the UCM delivered speeches.


The opening ceremony ended successfully with warm applause.

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