2020 International Symposium on Dong Zhongshu and Confucianism Held Ceremoniously in Hengshui, China

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2020 International Symposium on Dong Zhongshu and Confucianism was held ceremoniously in  Hengshui, China, on September 19 and 20. It was sponsored by the CPPCC Hengshui Municipal Committee, the Dong Zhongshu Research Institute of the Chinese Confucian Academy, China Society of Shixue and Hebei Dong Zhongshu Research Institute, and hosted by Hengshui University. The theme of the symposium was Modern Transformation of Dong Zhongshus Confucianism and Modernization of National Governance. It provided both online and offline platforms for participants, and foreign experts and scholars from Japan and Korea as well as experts and scholars from Chinese mainland and Taiwan participated in it. Wang Shouzhong, secretary of the Party Committee of our university, and Lu Yuanzhu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony.


Representatives from news media such as China Central Television, Hebei Daily, Hebnews.cn, Hebei Radio and Television, Great Wall New Media, Hebei Workers Newspaper, hbgrb.net, Hebei Farmers Newspaper, hebgcd.com, China News, Ce.cn, China.com.cn, NetEase Hengshui, Hengshui Daily, Hengshui Evening, Hengshui TV Station, and Hengshui Radio participated in the symposium. And the representatives from academic journals such as Confucius Studies, Social Governance Review, Social Sciences in China, Hebei Academic Journal, Journal of Yanshan University also participated in it.

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