Promoting Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools

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In order to promote the Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools between our university and overseas universities, Wang Shouzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee, presided over a meeting to promote the application of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools on December 25. Song Qingxi, vice president; Xu Yinchen, He Wenli, director of the Chinese-Foreign cooperative education programs management office; Liang Xiaohui, Ma Yunyan, deputy director of the office; and directors of the department of publicity, personnel department, dean's office, school of mathematics and computer science, school of life science, school of chemical engineering, school of foreign languages, International cooperation and exchange center, attended the meeting.


From the perspectives of national strategy, local construction, school development and discipline advantages,  Wang Shouzhong stressed the significance and importance of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools. The purpose of the project is to introduce international high-quality education resources, cultivate high-quality and international talents to meet the requirements of international economic development, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and enhance the brand image of our school. Wang announced that the staff will make full use of the advantages of the university to complete the project to fill the gap of international cooperation.

Professor He Wenli introduced the specific contents of the Chinese-Foreign cooperative education project. From the perspective of project application requirements, he explained the tasks of each person in charge of the meeting one by one, and made clear the tasks and time nodes.

Vice president Song Qingxi stressed that we should adhere to the correct direction of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools, adhere to the rules of standardizing cooperation and improving quality, and actively promote cooperation.

Director Xu Yinchen made clear the responsibilities and tasks of the relevant departments and made arrangements for the next step.

All participants had a warm discussion on the specific contents, and fully exchanged opinions.They expressed that they would try their best to complete the application of the project.

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