International Workshop on the Conservation of Baer’s Pochard Organized By Hengshui University Gets A Complete Success

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The International workshop on the Conservation of Baer’s  Pochard  was held at Hengshui Lake from April 19th to April 20. It is hosted by Beijing Forestry University and Hengshui Municipal Government, organized by Hebei Hengshui Lake National Nature Reserve Management Committee, School of Nature Conservation of Beijing Forestry University and Hengshui University, co-organized by the EAAFP Baer’s  Pochard  Working Group , Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT), and Wetland International-China Office, supported by the State Forestry Administration, China Wildlife Conservation Association and Hebei Forestry Department. It has attracted relevant government officials, wetland and waterfowl experts, nature reserve managers, and bird protection social groups from China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and other countries. More than 200 people attended the conference, and the conference has unprecedented scale and social impact.


The conference shows the research results of the Baer’s  Pochard  in recent years, and also experts, scholars and managers from all walks of life, unanimously propose that the country raise the level of Baer’s  Pochard protection to "national first-class protection Animal" after three intensive and orderly consultations in two days. Two specific and feasible action plans are determined, namely Baer’s  Pochard Habitat Protection and Management Measures and China Baer’s  Pochard Protection Action Plan, and  the  Bare’s  Pochard  Protection Hengshui Initiative” is formed as well. The conference is fruitful and of far-reaching significance to the protection of Baer’s  Pochard.


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