A delegation from The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music visited Hengshui University

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On the morning of January 22, Maksim Tymoshenko, president of The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, and his party came to our university for exchanges. The Chinese entourage including Vice Mayor of Hengshui Municipal People’s Government Cui Haixia, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Ye, Supervision commissioner Wang Yipeng, and leading officials of Binhu New District Management Committee and Municipal Bureau of Commerce attended the meeting. Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Shouzhong, president Tian Guang , Vice President Song Genzhuang, standing Committee of the Party Committee, Song Qingxi, as well as leading officials of relevant departments of our university, met the distinguished guests.


Wang Shouzhong presided over the meeting ceremony. On behalf of Hengshui University, Tian Guang extended a warm welcome to the Ukrainian delegation. He introduced the history, discipline construction, scientific research, and the current status of talent training, and gave a key explanation on the funding, faculty and conditions of Academy of Music.

In the speech, President Maxim Tymoshenko expressed his heartfelt thanks to our university for giving them a warm reception. The Chinese and Ukrainian people shared many similarities in culture and tradition, and the two sides had a good foundation for cooperation. They sincerely invited teachers, experts and graduates of our university to visit the Tchaikovsky Academy of Music and participated in professional international competitions. In the process of communication and cooperation, they would do their best to contribute ideas and suggestions to our university, and believed that through the cooperation of both sides, a world-class music education platform would be created.

At the meeting, the delegation watched the propaganda video of Hengshui University, and invited five experts from The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music as visiting professors of our university, and issued the appointment letter. Principal Tian Guang presented the works of teachers of our university to the Ukrainian delegation.

After the meeting, the delegation came to the newly-built studio hall, Building 14, and watched the students’ dance performance which was full of passion and ethnic customs. Then they came to Building 12, without sound amplifying equipment, and watched the chorus and performance of teachers and students. In a friendly and warm atmosphere, Chinese and foreign teachers improvised together and sang two arias of the opera The lady of the Camellias, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax. After that, they also visited the teaching venues and facilities of Academy of Music.

The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, the full name of Ukraine Tchaikovsky National Comprehensive Music University, is one of the most famous music academies in the world. Founded in 1913, Tchaikovsky Conservatory was named after the famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky in 1940, and the University was renamed as The Ukrainian Tchaikovsky National Comprehensive Music University by a presidential decree signed by President Kuchma of Ukraine in 1995.

The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music has attracted quite a lot of prominent composers and music masters around the world, bearing friendly cooperation with many international high-level music institutions. Besides, it has  cultivated a large number of extraordinary musical talents by virtue of its excellent teacher teams and scientific teaching methods.

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