Students Win Great Achievements in the 14th National Advertising Art Design Competition in Hebei

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The winning list of the 14th National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students in Hebei area was officially announced. Students majoring in advertising in the Department of Chinese and Broadcasting won one first prize, four second prizes, six third prizes and eight excellent awards, while students from the Department of Art won one first prize, two second prizes, two third prizes and four excellent awards. Teachers, including Liu Mengqin, Zhao Jing, Liu Yuanxi, and etc. won the honorary title of “Excellent Instructor”.

The National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students is jointly organized by the Committee of Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, Communication University of China, and Daguangsai Cultural Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. This competition is sponsored by government guidance, student-oriented, enterprise participation, expert review, and professional institutions. The competition is a national university liberal arts competition guided by the government, dominated by students, participated by enterprises, reviewed by experts and sponsored by professional institutions. Since its inception in 2005, this competition has developed into a national college student event with large scale, wide coverage, large number of participants and high level of works. Since 2006, it has been listed by the Ministry of Education as an A-level assessment point of practical teaching in the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment. In 2017, it has been listed in the evaluation index of innovative talents training and discipline competition in Chinese universities.

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